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HVAC Services for North Houston, Spring and The Woodlands TX

ACS Mechanical Services, Inc. is a single-source HVAC design-build, installation, maintenance and service company. We provide services throughout the greater Houston area.  ACS has a broad range of experience in residential and commercial applications. With over 50 years of combined knowledge in the HVAC industry, they are particularly adept at difficult, unusual, or specialized projects or repairs.

ACS Mechanical Services dedication to ongoing training and education insures you will receive the full benefit from the best in new air conditioning and heating technologies.  We strive hard to deliver real-world, practical solutions that meet or exceed the nation’s fast changing standards for energy consumption and environmental protections.

Residential HVAC

Dedicated to providing best services with modern technologies and education.

Commercial HVAC

Special pride in craftsmanship with a wide range of services.

Routine Maintenance

Offering planned maintenance and service contracts that fits your needs.

Paying It Forward

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There is a reason ACS has been serving The Woodlands, Spring and North Houston since 1977. Our customers will tell you, ACS provides quality residential and commercial Air Conditioning Services. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity and reliability.

Mike is an honorable guy, very professional, stands behind his work, and his crew is very courteous and knowledgeable. They do a great job; their maintenance crew does a great job on maintaining the system as well. I would definitely recommend them. –  Steven D.

Let ACSMSI Service Your HVAC Needs: 281-379-7933

To arrange service, for general inquires, or account information contact Dominique at:

For design or technical inquires, contact Mike at:

Paying it Forward

We’ve included a space on our web site entitled After Work.  It doesn’t have much to do with business. But, as you know, most of us have a life outside of work.  After Work is our way of sharing some of our interests with you.  Many of our customers and close friends have partnered with us and we want to say a big thanks!  Perhaps you know of needs in our community that we can help address.  We care about our community. Bring them to our attention – maybe we can help. Perhaps you would be interested in working with us on some of our “extra curricular projects”.  We would love to have you involved. Feel free to call us for more information.    Read more…

Helping Communities In Need

ACS Mechanical is appreciative of the many opportunities to serve our clients and friends however we also subscribe to the philosophy of community involvement. We believe there is great value and fulfillment in offering a helping hand to others whenever possible. We’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our “extra-curricular” activities with you!

Back in 1998 Hurricane Mitch stormed through Honduras and left a trail of devastation and destruction behind. A unique situation presented itself in which our organization was able to provide services to help in the development and creation of a children’s orphanage. Over the years, significant progress has been made in Southern Honduras and we continue to provide as much support as possible. If you’re interested in the full story, please visit

We would like to extend a special thanks to Aries Freight for their participation.

Increased Value through HVAC Improvements

The technology of a modern HVAC system has existed for some time, therefore the technology is well known. More recent advancements have been driven by change in consumer requirements or federal regulations. New refrigerants have been developed to protect our environment and reduce energy consumption. Improvements in materials and manufacturing have reduced relative costs while significantly improving quality. Modern systems, when properly installed and integrated deliver a great deal of value for the cost.

Our Service is Founded on Quality and Integrity

What then, differentiates each vendor when we all have equal access to the same technologies? The answer of course, is craftsmanship and integrity. Poor craftsmanship will always trump good technology. It becomes a slippery slope when a quality system is poorly installed, improperly integrated or badly maintained. Faulty design, misapplication or leaky ducts to name a few, quickly erase the advantages that new technology promises when costs begin driving up your energy bill.

Below we have showcased a few of the recent projects we have done in past years.

Project Gallery

Customer Repairs

Personally Invested

ACS first opened our doors in 1977 and has maintained the same high standard of ethics and ownership ever since. Our personal investment into your HVAC needs is a guarantee that you’ll never be “lost in the system.” We strive for flexibility, understanding and ease to ensure overall satisfaction from our clients.

NATE_logoLet’s consider the benefits of a homeowner using a contractor who employs certified technicians. Ask yourself – is it important that the technician working on your heater or air conditioner:

  • Knowledgeable in heating and cooling technologies and systems
  • Has licensed documentation of his/her knowledge
  • Is proficient in diagnostics and repair
  • Conducts repairs to manufacturer’s standards
  • Provides quality parts and efficiency

*If your answer is “no” to any of the above specifications, please exit this web page. We will not lower our standards to help you.

Certified Technicians

A certified technician means you are confident that you’re receiving the best experience for your hard earned money. NATE certified technicians are proficient in heating and cooling. Certification does not ensure that a technician is more advanced than an individual who lacks certification however anyone is capable of claiming knowledge, experience and qualification. The key difference accompanied by a NATE certified technician is that the technician has been tested, approved and certified by a knowledgeable, impartial third party. North American Technician Excellence or NATE is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. The U.S. Department of Energy endorses NATE.

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Phone: 281-379-7933

Fax:      281-379-3126


For after-hours or weekend emergencies, you can simply call our main office line and follow the instructions. Please leave a thorough message with your name, phone number, address and a brief description of the issues you are experiencing. It is always helpful to repeat your name and phone number at the end of your message, just in case!

Experience Commercial HVAC Services

Experience and craftsmanship equal superior results and this is why we take such pride in our work. No matter the technology, our attention to detail ensures an energy efficient and long lasting system. We provide your business with prompt and professional service with factory trained technicians, for all aspects of your HVAC needs.

We offer planned maintenance, service contracts and repair services. This includes preventative maintenance such as filter changes or complete system-wide maintenance as well as manufacturer required maintenance.

Installations range from but are not limited to, single or multi-story structures, retail centers, office buildings, computer rooms, manufacturing facilities and schools.

Experienced HVAC Project Management

Years of experience have taught us that being efficient is critical in this industry. Therefore, we use state of the art computer based resources to design, transmit and review plans and specifications. These tools, combined with our extensive construction experience, allow us to provide you with optimal solutions. We are known for our ability to manage projects within budgetary and time restraints. Our portfolio includes all mainstream technologies such as packaged systems, split systems, chilled water, variable air flow, heat pumps and specialty systems like computer room hardware.

Residential Air Conditioning Service

Having serviced areas of the Gulf Coast since 1977, we’ve seen the challenges that our climate as well as the flora and fauna can present. From extreme instances of snakes in condensing units to your regular maintenance needs, ACS can help resolve current issues and aid in the prevention of future ones to keep your home air conditioning and heating running smoothly.

We understand that living conditions in Houston make air conditioning a necessity and when yours goes out, it’s an emergency. We also understand that these things happen at inopportune times and appointments may not have been made prior to the incident. If this occurs, please contact us immediately so we are able to resolve your issues and get you back on track with your day. For regular maintenance needs, please schedule ahead of time.

ACS Mechanical Services acknowledges that it is our craftsmanship that separates us from the competition. Thorough testing, crew supervision and attention to detail are not just claims, they are fact. We have been serving the Greater-Houston Area for over 30 years and it is made evident that our loyal clientele appreciate the quality and dedication to our craft. Many of our clients originated as commercial contract work but extended into our residential market due to our professionalism and high standards and quality.

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Extensive Experience and Unique Skill

You will find that ACS has extensive experience, unique skill, and firm insight when it comes to custom projects. Yes, we do mainstream residential AC work – we are excellent at installations, maintenance and repairs – but we also have an extensive portfolio of custom projects. When an innovative design or repair solution is needed, ACS has all the experience necessary to resolve the task at hand.

HVAC Services for Houston, Spring and The Woodlands TX

ACS Mechanical Services is a locally owned air conditioning company dedicated to the installation, maintenance and repair of cooling and heating systems. We have been developing HVAC solutions specific to the Gulf Coast climate since 1977, therefore we are well versed in difficult, unusual and specialized projects and repairs.

ACS Mechanical Services’ dedication to ongoing training and education ensures our clients will receive the full benefit from the latest in air conditioning and heating technologies. We strive to deliver real-world, practical solutions that exceed the nation’s fast changing standards for energy consumption and environmental protections.

Residential HVAC

Dedicated to providing the best services with modern technologies and education.

Commercial HVAC

Special pride in craftsmanship with a wide range of services.

Routine Maintenance

Offering planned maintenance and service contracts that fit your needs.

There are several reasons ACS has continued to thrive in the Greater-Houston Area and our clients will tell you, ACS provides quality residential and commercial air conditioning and heating services. Our reputation is built on honesty, integrity and reliability.


For general inquires, account information or service appointments please contact:

For design or technical inquires, please contact:

Community Involvement

Here at ACS, we care about our community. Although much of our time is invested into our business, we do make an effort to give back to those in need. Many of our clients and close friends have partnered with us in our efforts to give back to local communities as well as those overseas and we would like to extend a big Thank You! If you feel as though there is an area of opportunity within our community, we would love for you to contact us – maybe we can help! If you are also interested in volunteer opportunities, we have several affiliates that would love the helping hand and we’d be happy to get you involved. Feel free to reach out to us for more information.

ACS Mechanical Services, Inc.

ACS Mechanical Services, Inc.